Tuesday, 19 April 2011


For someone who has a lot of stuff and very little place to keep it.
Some inspiring bookcases...


Found this in House and Garden. A lovely use of an awkward space. It's almost cave-like, which is probably why I like it.

This is my bookworm. Looks a bit like a book-tornado when you're drunk but I think it's such a fab way of displaying all your collectables. It's also a great idea for softening up a square space, being the round peg in a square hole kinda girl that i am. It comes in black and red too I seem to remember - matt or shiny!

Another House and Garden number. This is what you go for if you're the neat and tidy version of me, or someone who likes straight lines. It's a bit like a Nokia snake. Wow - haven't played that in a while. It's almost retro.

The 'staircase' designed by Danny Kuo makes sense of the one above, which only works if you're a giant or happy to include step-ladder chic into your interior decor. I'm just not.

Gotta be my favourite...

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