Thursday, 13 October 2011

Nicky Haslam's Bed

        Who else could have come up with something this fab and this impractacal but Mr Haslam?

Well, when I found out my bf, one of Nicky's design team Beata Heuman was involved, things began to make sense....

A giant gilded sea-bed stolen from beneath the feet of Botticelli's Venus with that all essential lethal carpet of oyster shells, complete with perfect flower fairy model children? But of course. 

And it's clear the point is not to make life easy for the upholsterers either:

What every girl should have in her room - one of these sequinned beer dresses created by desgin GeNiUsEs Rodnik. (Dresses I dream of... and they create!)

And if sold out - only a shark dress will suffice in place of a beer dress:

with appalling joke going hand-in-hand

We're moving house soon. Do you think if I just snuck this little number into our bedroom, put our usual cream and floral John Lewis never-knowingly-undersold bedcover on it and plumped up the pillows, my boyfriend would notice?

I think...

I could get away with it.


No question.

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