Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Loaded? Have a garden? Like zero-gravity? Thought so. These are for you...

When I'm rich and have a garden, these are the first things I'm going to buy for it. They might not look much but in reality they're incredibly stylish - think Mad Men al fresco - and brilliantly designed. If you're sitting up straight, you've got the foot bar to rest your feet on, the moveable head cushion to keep your loaf in check and the very comfortable and rather stylish curved wooden and coated steel arm rests. BUT (and this is the clever bit) as soon as you decide to take a trip to rancho relaxo, the chair reclines with you, as long as your feet are on the bar and your hands on the arm rests. It happens with such ease you'll feel like you're in space... in the 50s. They're by Lafuma, you can find them online and they seem to range from £110-£215.

'Siegle' I think is the nicest colour - means 'oatmeal' in French. Gives it that 50s look, but forest and tweed are nice too. Check out the boyfriend doing a demo (not sure he knew he was doing a demo at the time - especially with all that zero-gravity technology going on). Not sure he's really doing it justice either with the peturbed look of concentration going on there but perhaps that shows how easy it is to be in your own little world, without the worrying thoughts of 'am i sitting up straight?' or 'am i at a 45degree angle?' rudely intruding.

He's probably looking at my blog.

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