Sunday, 15 May 2011

My Week of Beasts

To avoid appearing too like The Daily Mail, I'll keep any comments brief. They'll be no stories about cats saving diabetics lives by calling 999 OR pictures of seals making cute human faces. No monkeys in aprons either. One must put a foot down at somewhere...

Lovely little chick


Charlie wins for me. Better chick to face hew. Mine's a bit too sallow. Should've gone for a brown chick really. Also my nose is too big but that's not really the chick's fault... (Although his chick looks like it's about to attempt suicide so perhaps I can steal back a point there.)

Lovely puppy on the beach.

Sorry - pics getting a bit vommy now.

Lully donkies and a girl with a teatowel (See i promised no aprons, teatowels only.)

Paddy deathstaring a donkey. That got a bit freaky after a while. The donkey had a crazed look on his face and sterted pawing (can they paw or do they hoof/huf?) at the ground. It was a bit like they were psyching each other at the beginning of the gauntlet in Gladiators. I had to take Paddy away before things turned really nasty.

Me being chase by some cows...
Now I look at this, I must admit they look very dorment but I PROMISE you they had been chasing me, galloping in fact, with some speed. Trick of the light I suppose...

And the pièce de résistance of 'my week in beasts' - Introducing Paddy (dog) and Will (brother) entering the dog agility course at the Milton show - a very serious and impressive event, where highly trained dogs jump obediantly through hoops, across narrow beams and up and down seesaws. Timing is crucial. Enter Will and Paddy:

It gets better i promise...

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